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Anti Malware Software

            With the proliferation of internet malicious applications, it has become mandatory for every internet user to download, install and run a competent Anti Malware Application and this is because nowadays, our computers are the target of a very wide range of cyber attacks. Malware today comes in many  forms including viruses, Trojans, spyware or scareware so it is only logical that every internet user needs a competent tool to fend off potential malicious attacks. The catch here is to use a good anti malware program that best suits your cyber protection needs. Anti Malware Software comes in three different forms: Anti Spyware programs, Anti Virus Programs and Complete Internet Protection Packs so let's see what type of cyber protection application actually best fits our needs.
Anti Spyware Programs
            These applications were developed to offer complete protection against the various types of spyware that can be found on the internet. As such, anti spyware programs offer basic but mandatory protection against the most dangerous internet based threats. I am calling spyware the most dangerous type of malware because unlike viruses, it can steal our personal information which can have very serious consequences.  For example one type of spyware are key-loggers which are used by hackers to steal our usernames, passwords and even credit card information so you can figure out for yourself how dangerous spyware is. I recommend using only an Anti Spyware application and nothing more to secure your PC if you are an experienced computer and internet user and know how to stay clear of malicious sites that could infect you with Trojans or Viruses that would go undetected by the anti spyware application.

Anti Virus Programs
            Anti Virus programs constitute the next step in antimalware protection because they also detect the latest forms of computer viruses besides spyware. I strongly recommend every internet user to purchase and install a good antivirus  program. Even if you are an experienced user and can spot a virus from a mile away, it is always better to take precautions rather than to suffer dire consequences and besides, you never know what kind of new viruses hackers have come up with. I advise everyone to not be cheap about this matter because spending some cash at the right time could save up a lot in the long run. This is because some viruses can actually damage your hard disk and shorten its lifespan or just delete data off it and have you risking to lose important work related information for example.

Total Internet Protection Packs
            These packs constitute the best anti malware solution available on the cyber security market today because they include both anti spyware and antivirus protection and also some other security features like a very good firewall or identity theft protection. If you are a basic PC user, I strongly recommend you purchase and use one of these babies because besides the fact that it will protect you against any type of malware out there, it will also do everything automatically and with very little effort from your part.

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